Werft wins new build project for multifunctional fishing vessel

URK, July 2023

On Saturday 15 July 2023, Pieter Pruiksma, general manager of Werft Shipbuilding, and Jelle Hakvoort, representing shipping company De Toekomst, signed a contract for the construction of a new Werft 2808 multifunctional fishing vessel.

The Flemish trawler will be named Janneke after the daughter of the captain/owner Jelle Hakvoort and be 27.99 metres long with a beam of 8.25 metres. Hakvoort himself is delighted with the design. “It is ideal for beam rawling in the winter months, and twin rigging in the summer; either for plaice or crustaceans.” Hakvoort has spent his career to date fishing on Eurocutters, known as the smaller segment in Belgium, and is now switching to a larger segment: “I have complete faith in Werft and its experienced partners,” he adds.


Proud milestone
Pieter Pruiksma calls this first fishery project a dream come true for his yard. It is also a very special event for Yanmar Europe, which will be supplying its first main engine to a Dutch client in the fishing sector. “We are proud of the fact that this will be the first large trawler to be entirely built on Urk for 24 years,” says Pruiksma. “This project strengthens the maritime cluster and highlights the cooperation within the region.” The hull will be completely built in the covered hall of De Flux and should be ready for transport to the port the end of the year.


Although Marimecs is responsible for the engineering onboard, the rest of Janneke will be built entirely by local companies in Urk. Hull construction is being realised by VCU-TCD, the electrical system will be supplied by Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology, carpentry is in the hands of De Flux, nautical equipment is provided by De Boer Marine, blasting and painting will be realised by Straalbedrijf Flevoland, and the sanitary facilities and cooling delivered by ITech. VCU and RI&S will ensure premium levels of onboard safety and the trawler is expected to be ready for use by the summer of next year.


Learning curve
Hakvoort did a great deal of research before making the choice for Yanmar. “The reasons are simple: low rpm, large volume in litres, economic diesel consumption, and a mechanical engine on which we can perform a large part of the maintenance ourselves – with few electronics that can breakdown easily. Moreover, there is a large parts depot in Almere, just 45 minutes from Urk by car. In addition, I noticed that many Norwegian and Scottish fishermen are choosing for Yanmar and that says a lot.”


Janneke will be equipped with a Yanmar 6N21AW 736 kW 800rpm main engine with a ZF connection (type ZF W10220). Her capacity will be half of that found on a traditional large Dutch beam trawler, Pruiksma explains. “Nonetheless, she will be able to store 10-metre rigs and have two net rolls of ten cubic metres. In addition, there is a stern gate for optimal user comfort when fishing aft. The boat will also boast a 3.4 metre propeller, a traction of 21 tonnes, and a speed of 10 knots. The multifunctional vessel will be built in such a way that she uses as little fuel as possible while fishing. Due to the low rpm of the main engine, we have an optimal output of 97 rpm on the propeller.”