Werft Shipbuilding is committed to sustainable shipping!

URK, MARCH 12, 2021

Starting in december 2020, Werft Shipbuilding, maritime entrpreneurs from Urk and Horizon Flevoland and their subsidy consultancy Haute Equipe have worked together to submit an official subsidy application to the REACT EU counter at the beginning of February. We are proud that we have achieved this performance together. The REACT EU expert committee will consider our application and decide whether it will be accepted.

Opportunities for West II
“REACT EU is intended for the furhter development of concepts that have the potential to de be promising, but are at risk of being delayed by the crisis. With the REACT EU rogram, the European Union is stimulation a green, digital and resilient recovery of the regional economy. The Western Netherlands have the potential to make a significant contribution for this. The budget for REACT EU is spent through the current ERDF programs, such as Opportunities for West II” (Source: Opportunities for West II )

Smart & Sustainable Shipping Flevoland (SSSF)

“The maritime cluster in Flevoland is part of the Netherlands Maritime sector ad is one of the best in the Netherlands and Europs”(Source: Regio Deal Noord Flevoland). To Turn Flevoland into a hotspot of maritime sustainability, more targeted investments in knwoledge and innovation are needed. Companies from the maritime cluster in Flevoland, in collaboration with Horizon Flevoland and maritime institue MARIN, have therefore developed this proposal for Smart & Sustainable Shipping Flevoland (SSSF), which is making use of funding from the European corona repair program REACT EU.

The main objective pof the SSSF project is the development of the maritime cluster in Flevoland into an intnernational hotspot for sustainable shiping, in which companies alone the entire maritime chain (designers – builders – users) work together with educational and knowledge institutions on the development and applications of the latest sustainable an digital innovations

Sustainable Shipping
Making the maritime sector more sustainable mainly meansinvesting in cleaner and more efficients ships. In addition, digitalisation can also achieve even more efficiency by means of automating sailing at sea and in inland waterrs and making use of smart technology. In addition to contributing to more sustainable shipping, this also improves the competitive position of the Dutch shipping industry and makes shipping safer.

The basis of the SSSF project is formed bu the ambition of the new shipyard WERFT to bring back the complete building (from hull to completion) back to the town of Urk. According to WERFT, the future of fishing lies in building smart ships in combination with sustainable fishing techniques. There is great enthusiasm among fishing companies in Urk to replace the outdated fleet with these new innovative and energy-efficient vessels. In addition, new smart shipping applications are being developed and applied for the maritime industry of shipping and fishing. To this end, the partners involved are developing new both emission and smart dashboards that ensure an improved efficieny of the ship (with regard to propulsion, propeller and hull). These dashboards offer opportunities to make the operational deployment of ships more sustainable.