Werft Shipbuilding enters the market with a unique local concept!

URK, MARCH 12, 2021

Werft Shipbuilding is new to the market yet brings decades of relevant experience to the sector. The Urk (NL) shipyard consolidates many years of experience of a select group of ship construction partners, each with their own specialism in shipbuilding, technology and fishery. This unique blend of highly-specialised experts results in ships that will quickly win the hearts of countless fishermen.

The ‘Werft’ name has been floating around maritime circles for some time now. Werft Shipbuilding managing director Pieter Pruiksma says it’s high time to reveal a bit more about this company and its ambitious plans. He explains enthusiastically: “Our objective is clear: we want to bring shipbuilding back to the village of Urk, historically one of the main centres of Dutch shipbuilding and fishery. We want to harness the strength and expertise of local partners and let our clients benefit from local construction. Our promise? A perfect balance between cost and quality, very tight planning, and a guaranteed delivery date.”

Built at Urk from bow to stern
From concept to design, from selection to procurement and from construction to delivery – Werft will assume all roles and tasks and provide full service. Each ship is designed to meet the client’s most detailed and challenging wishes and requirements. Pieter Pruiksma: “From hull construction to final finishing, from carpenters to electricians: Werft can handle all development facets in-house. This is a unique concept in shipbuilding. And the advantages for the client are huge: they are assured of tight planning and throughput times, and no one has to face any unpleasant surprises: a deal is a deal, and we deliver what we promise.”

Perfect cost-quality ratio
Many of Werft’s construction partners are part of the Urk Maritime cooperation collective, such as VCU-TCD, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek, De Flux and De Boer Marine. Other well-known names such as Padmos, C-iob and Marin are also part of the collective. Pieter Pruiksma: “We use the facilities of these partners as much as possible, and project finishing is also executed in the Urk harbour. Combined with our flat organisational structure, this means we have minimal overhead. That is how we offer our customers the best cost-quality ratio.”

Pieter Pruiksma - General Manager Werft Shipbuilding

The service you need, when you need it
Werft offers its clients another crucial added value: quick service. Pieter Pruiksma: “All our partners have extremely high standards of service, and each can provide fast on-site support across the North Sea ports. From Harlingen to the Eemshaven, from Boulogne-sur-Mer to Thyboron: our clients can count on a fast provision of services, materials and parts anywhere they need them. Werft and its partners are very familiar with the fishing industry and the way it rolls. So we know first-hand just how crucial it is to get things done quickly.

A promising start
So far, Werft Shipbuilding has made a very promising start. “The first engineering contract has been signed and multiple construction projects have commenced. We have also seen a lot of national and international interest. We can’t wait to show the world the full potential of Werft!”